Pre Cut Stripes
Pre Cut Stripes

Pre Cut Stripes

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12" Pre-Cut Stripes (synthetic leather pad wrap) cut to any custom width.

Deep Red: A darker, brick-like red (used by Arizona/Phoenix)
Sport Gold: The most popular yellow/gold. As used by Boston, Buffalo, Calgary, Florida, Nashville, St. Louis and more. For bright/Sweden yellow, please select "Yellow".
Yellow: Bright "Sweden" Yellow. This is NOT the yellow/gold color used by NHL teams. For the darker, more popular, "mustard" gold color, please select "Sport Gold".
Royal Blue: Blue used by Rangers, Avalanche, Canadiens, Islanders, Blues, and more.
Retro White: An off-white/cream color as used by many NHL teams for Winter Classic jerseys.
Vegas Gold: Tan/Antique Gold color as used by old Pittsburgh and Anaheim
Red: Bright Red as used by Calgary, Carolina, Columbus, Detroit, Minnesota, Montreal, New Jersey, NYR, Ottawa, Washington and more.
Medium Blue: In-between Navy and Royal. This is the blue used by Toronto and Tampa Bay.
Navy Blue: Our darkest Blue as used by Buffalo, Winnipeg, Nashville, Washington, and more.
Orange: Bright orange used by Philadelphia, NY Islanders, and Anaheim
Hunter Green: Hunter/Forest Green used by Minnesota
Emerald Green Weave: Brighter green as used by Vancouver and old Whalers
Powder Blue: Powder or Carolina Blue.
Purple: Royal purple as used in LA Kings retro jersey
Maroon: Maroon/Burgundy as used by Avalanche, Harvard, etc.
Lavender: Same light purple used by the NHL's Hockey Fights Cancer
Blue Weave: A darker blue in weave pattern.
Red Weave: Slightly darker Red with a weave pattern

WARNING: weave patterns are slightly thicker than our non-weave colors.